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Character Questions THERE WILL BE SPOILERS!!!!!!!!!!

Q. How many chapters are in this story? (SPOILERS)
A. I'm getting this question out of the way firstly.
- This entire story from beginning to end is VOLUME 6 and 7


* CHAPTER 1: My New Guardian (Pages 1-10)
* CHAPTER 2: Trapped (Pages 11-24)
* CHAPTER 3: Dreams (Pages 25-40)
* CHAPTER 4: OFF WE GO!!! (Pages Ch4 Cover-60)
* CHAPTER 5: The Preliminaries (Pages 61-82)
* CHAPTER 6: AND WERE OFF!!(Pages 83-116)
* CHAPTER 7: Blind Love (Pages 117-156)
* CHAPTER 8: Fire and Ice (Pages 157-209)
* CHAPTER 9: Twisted Intensions (Pages 210-243)
* CHAPTER 10: Festival Frenzy (Pages 244-270)
* CHAPTER 11: Interview with a Werewolf (Page 271-304)

Q. What is the date and timeline for this story?
A. The date of this entire series takes place twenty years after the events of Golden Sun: Alchemy's Fall:

*2001 - Golden Sun Events: Alchemy Restored to the Weyard
*2003 - Golden Sun Alchemy's Fall Events (Including Felix's return and reverting future back to normal and the three adepts journey to 2023)
* 2023 July - Events of Golden Sun Generations EPISODE I AFTERMATH
* 2024 January 2 - Events of Golden Sun Generations EPISODE II
* 2025 April 29 - Events of Golden Sun Generations EPISODE III
* 2025 June 8 through 21 - Beginning of COLOSSO TOURNAMENT

Q. What's the significance of the writing on Miyuki's Terra Brand Sword?
A. The words "Bravery, Strength, and Never Giving up" date back to my Golden Sun Alchemy's Fury fanfic. Miyuki's Terra Brand and Tisiphone Edge both once belonged to her uncle Felix and mother Jenna. She fights her battles using the Weapons that her family once wielded themselves. Miyuki engraved this writing when she was training underground in the destroyed Weyard motivating herself not to quit and keeping faith in her abilities.

Q. It looks like there's a dot on Miyuki's hand. Is that a mole or something?
A. Heh heh, it's actually an artist "imprint" to show that this Character belongs to me. Miyuki's mole on her left hand is a memento of myself xtrinox. (I have the same mole on my hand. XD )

Q. What the heck is wrong with Toumeya? She seems to speak in third person sometimes.
A. Compared to when I drew up the Toumeya incident in Chapter 4 about a few months ago and what I currently draw about her now, I was still deciding on how I was going to illustrate Toumeya's condition. I decided to give her a double personality. Because most of her brain was damaged in that accident back in Chapter 3 in GSG Episode 1, her brain goes into lapses where she believes and behaves as a younger other person. This persona is called "Mey", an extremely loud, happy, hyper kid. Keep in mind that Toumeya's actual personality is more serious, sarcastic, and traumatized, very different from Mey. It was bad writing and timing on my part back then so don't pay attention much to Chapter 4 and how she acts in the third person of this story. She's act more of a schizophrenic person in GSG EPISODE 1.

Q. Why so much emphasis on Ethan being a pervert. He seems to be a normal growing kid to me?
A. This is more or less based on what you currently seen so far in the story. From what is currently shown in the comic Ethan doesn't really show that much signs of being a pervert, but its a more "behind closed doors" kind of thing that you haven't seen. Ethan has a HUGE collection of naughty magazines mainly composed of half animal girls, normal girls, and all sorts of fantasy entertainment content. When he isn't doing anything like fighting, he is seen always looking at a FLAIR, NEKO PARADISE, or CRUDE NUDE'S magazine. He is always lost in thought fantasizing about some girl in some form or another. Then again it could be a normal thing. XD I'll write up more crazy situations to show his pervosity.

Q. Why does Ethan always have bad luck with Camera's?
A. Ethan explains it in CHAPTER 8. :3

Q. Why does Ethan always have GOOD luck in his card playing?
A. This falls more on the hands of the RPG elements of this story. Think about the LUCK stat you find in RPG games. Usually that stat determines if a characters attacks become critical, whether the player gets a rare item after killing a foe and the like. Ethan has an extremely freakish Luck stat of 100. Usually a common stat for luck is below 20 or something, but his is ONE HUNDRED. He wins his poker or blackjack matches about 80% of the time which is very unusual. In retrospect of his backstory, he saved his gambling friend's business twice because of his luck. Whether or not his luck can be used for other things it remains to be seen.

Q. Is there going to be more information about Garoh and why Tasha is sent on this mission?
A. Actually yes. I plan to have Tasha explain more about Garoh and the Werewolf curse in CHAPTER 11. There's more to what's currently brought up. ^_^

Q. How the heck is Tasha able to enter people's dreams, read a person's feelings AND become a beautiful wolf?
A. She is a special kind of "Adept". Adepts in this story wield magic from the elements of the four lighthouses. The lighthouses have beacons of pure energy of Venus(Earth), Mars(Fire), Jupiter(Wind), and Mercury(Water). Tasha and the people of Garoh get their powers from animals and the moon. Tasha is more gifted in her abilities when compared to the rest of her people. The villagers of Garoh do not fight but just live their lives, trading and farming with nearby towns. Tasha's powers are very powerful and it has something to do with the glow of the moon that is shown on various pages. It enables her more unique abilities like the dreams and feelings reader abilities and her full wolf transformation (the rest of the villagers can only become werewolves). Because of her talents she was recognized and chosen to go out to collect crystals in hopes to save Garoh. More information regarding her mission is explained in CHAPTER 11 in more detail.

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