Age: 17 Years Old
Height: 5'2
Element: Earth
Weapon: Novelty Cards with special magical effects
Personality: Cocky, smart-aleck, perverted, quick-thinking
Likes: Tasha, girls, pornography, neko-girls, furries, cards, dice, gambling, manipulating people, insulting Miyuki
Dislikes: working, Miyuki, heights, cameras, being ignored
Special Abilities:
* SAND - Melts into nearby sand
Battle Attacks: CARD ABILITIES
* SWORD - Fires numerous Daggers
* LIGHTNING BLITZ - Fire's Thunder Javelin's
* BRAMBLE - Fire's thorny plant spires
* WALL - Reduces damage to Ethan by 70%
* DELUDE - Confuses Opponents
* SPRITE - Creates 4 Clones of Ethan
* Reflect - Two Reflect cards must be played; deflects enemies magic attack to where other reflect card
* Random - Casts ANY attack; very unpredictable

The central character of this story Arc. Originally being a smart-mouthed little boy who was starved for attention due to the lack of attention he got from his busy parents. Ethan loved the attention he got from causing trouble and thrived off it. He did not care much for friends since he was a loner in his early years and didn't rely on others for support. His background is of a gambler and neglected his alchemy studies because of his inability to successfully use magic of his own kind and gave up too easily. His love for card playing and the fact that his luck was on an insane level motivated him to pick up the craft of a gambler. Ethan, before he went with Miyuki and their first journey would sneak aboard ferries to Tolbi and gamble at their many facilities while his parents were away on mining digs. He became a gambling prodigy and was recognized and appreciated for "pulling the right card at the right time".

GSG EPISODE ONE/TWO HISTORY: During their journey, Ethan was seen as a troublemaker and made it rough to be around during the many months sailing with Miyuki, Skye, and Toumeya. Him and Miyuki developed a rivalry between each other due to each others opposing views on how they should live their lives. Ethan developed a fondness and respect for Skye, often asking him for advice and consolation in private. Ethan's friendship with Toumeya though has been rocked after an incident involving the two that made Toumeya lose all respect for Ethan and considered him to stab her in the back. Ethan being too full of himself at that time didn't see what Toumeya was feeling and shrugged it off as nothing hurting her feelings more, up until now the two's friendship has been on shaky ground ever since.

PRESENT DAY (GSG EPISODE THREE): To the present, Ethan is older although still shows signs of immaturity. Ethan met Tasha and immediately fell in love. He never felt that way at all to anyone before, not even his own parents. As Tasha stayed with the group, he wanted to get to know her more. Tasha gave the summary of what she wanted to do and why she wanted to enter a tournament, Ethan wanted to help her since he liked her and wanted to get to know her. After fighting some personal demons, he was finally able to speak with Tasha and form a small friendship with her. Tasha willingly volunteered to train Ethan in his card craft for about a month on timing and intensity. Ethan didn't want to let his heart get in the way, so he stood attentive and did everything she asked and trained well with her. One of Ethan's frustrations is learning to call up a sandstorm spell to improve his SAND ability more, but due to his neglecting of his magic studies in the past, he fails every time to conjure the spell and it drives him to the point of frustration. But despite all that, he is willing to help her out in her journey using only the limited abilities he does have.


Age: 19 Years Old
Height: 5'7
Element: None
Weapon: Crescent Moon PoleArm Staff (Doubles as twin Nunchukku)
Personality: Shy, calm, uncomfortable around strangers, opens up to people she trusts and becomes a friendly and straightforward person
Likes: Toumeya, competing, her mission, adorable cute things, honesty
Dislikes: liars, cruel people, being used, bugs
Special Abilities:
- "Werewolf form": turns into a beautiful grey wolf
- "Inner Healing": able to completely heal wounds in a matter of hours instead of days
- "Reader": Able to read peoples emotions and feelings
- "Spirit Soul Reader": Can sense Spirit souls and know when people she came in contact with have passed on
Battle Attacks:
* CANIS CLONUS - Creates five copies of herself
* CANIS SEALUS - Seals opponents battle abilities for 20 minutes
* DOGS OF HELL - Unleashes pack of demon wolves that attack in unison; her ultimate attack
* FIST OF ACCALIA - Fast Chi based Punch Attack
* LUNAR FANGS - Lightning Pole Attack
* SNOW-WOLF STRIKE - Ice Pole Attack
* CANIS FLAMMUS - Fire Pole Attack

THE CURSE, MIGRATION, GAROH: Tasha's upbringing was not a pleasant experience, having grown up in a village of cursed people who transforms into werewolves when the moon appears at night. A century or so before Tasha was born, the werewolf curse began and citizens in neighboring cities and towns began turning into creatures in the dead of night. Despite their transformations, the people were still themselves in heart, but people were too fearful of them and the town mayors declared them dangerous and ordered a mass execution of the transformed townspeople. The werewolf people fled, reunited and traveled across the lands looking for a place to live. The people settled in and found a suitable place and set up many small towns in the middle of nowhere where they lived for a few years. But later the townspeople of the villages found the towns and began a mass execution, killing several people, burning houses, barns, and crops. The survivors fled again this time hiding in the mountains where they set up their permanent residence called Garoh. The hunters as of now have not found the werewolf people, and Garoh thrived for many years, but the people and their children still bear the unwanted curse haunting them in the first place.

SPIRIT SOULS AND THE GATE: To assist the werewolf kin, the people who were killed in the burnings were able to become Spirit Souls (people with special abilities who become 'ghosts') thanks to the curse, and helped the remaining villagers in Garoh stay invisible from the naked eye of those who hunted them during the early years of relocation. The fallen people created a barrier around Garoh which rendered the town invisible from the naked eye and stayed that way until four years prior to this story when the "Gate" as it was called disappeared. The elders of Garoh concluded that there was no reason to hide anymore so the Souls were finally put to rest.

TASHA'S UPBRINGING: In terms of Tasha's story, Tasha was born with a unique ability than her kin which allowed her to control her transformation to a werewolf. This change also gave her the ability to turn into a full wolf. To figure out more about her power, she trained for many years in martial arts and learning various Chi fighting abilities. the elders of Garoh saw this as time to be rid of the werewolf curse once and for all and destined Tasha, with her unique abilities, the one to save her village. Tasha was sent on a mission to recover magi-crystals from the Ring of Fire and return with them and use their power to remove it. Easier said than done as Tasha spent more than a year searching for ways to head to the Ring, but the prices for ferries and ships were so high that she couldn't afford a ferry service. Tasha learned about Tolbi and decided to train herself to be ready for Colosso, the Yearly Tournament that has huge money prizes. That is where she ran into Toumeya and Ethan and stayed with them and trained.

THE PRESENT (GSG EPISODE THREE): Tasha stayed in Vale where she helped train Ethan on his craft for about a month. She considered herself ready enough and wanted to help him. Tasha knew about Ethan's feelings for her after entering his dreams to learn what kind of a person he was, since he was too afraid and embarrassed to approach her himself so she took it into her own hands. She learned that he liked her alot and wanted to help change himself as a person. Unfortunately Tasha didn't share the same romantic feelings as him, but respected them nonetheless. She had a mission to fulfill and only saw romance as a distraction from her true goal of helping her family and friends in Garoh. She was forced to think this way because everyone was relying on her back home. It sometimes became too much of a burden for her, because she never had any time at all to do things for herself or spend any free time cause her mission was always on her mind. Tasha never had a day off and was always busy to the point where she would cry herself to sleep and be depressed at the thought of failing. She showed this helplessness once during the trip to Tolbi and cried in Ethan's arms at how stressful her mission was. Throughout all this, Tasha wants to save her town, but for once would like to live a normal life.


Age: 21 Years Old
Height: 5'10
Element: Fire
Weapon: Twin Swords: Terra Brand/Tisiphone Edge
Personality: Hot-headed, easily aggravated, headstrong, moody, "Assassin" mindset in battle
Likes: fighting, Toumeya, competition, Skye, sword training
Dislikes: lazy People, sleep, kids, Ethan, unworthy people
Special Abilities:
* PHOENIX FORM - Engulfs herself in flames and turns into a Phoenix bird that strikes an opponent down; can summon it 30% of the time
Battle Attacks: NONE

EARLY UPBRINGING (GS: ALCHEMY'S FURY): Miyuki grew up one of three adepts who lived in a time altered world derived of its resources. Miyuki was born in this hellhole and was forced to live underground for about 7 years. When she was seven, her parents were both killed. Her father Isaac was brutally mutilated by demons known as Executioners. Once the demons vanished, Miyuki's mother Jenna was beside herself seeing her dead husband lying on the floor dead, Jenna lost it and took a blade and stabbed herself in the chest committing suicide. Miyuki, unaware of what happened to her parents stood there and tried to "wake them up again", but couldn't. Miyuki stayed at her parents sides and cried her eyes off for hours until she was discovered by Toumeya and her parents who just arrived from Lemuria after it was finally unlivable. Toumeya and her folks took care of Miyuki, and then later Skye who suffered a similar experience to his parents. Miyuki is an unstable person thanks to her families deaths that she trained herself in swordplay and kept herself busy all the time so that she wouldn't focus on suicidal thoughts or actions that might overwhelm her. She and Skye trained day and night hoping one day they they can use their training to get out of their rut of a lifestyle. Once Toumeya's parents died , Toumeya had to adapt to a mother role for both kids still training each other to the bone. The trio were finally rescued when a man named Felix appeared from twenty years in the past came and needed the trios help to save the past. Miyuki, Skye, and Toumeya joined him and saved their own futures and the world from becoming the wasteland it was.

NEW LIVES (GSG EPISODE ONE/TWO): With nowhere else to go, a great deity known as the Wise One granted the adepts lives in the future to live out for their assistance in saving everyone. They arrived to a changed Weyard and adapted new identities as citizens of this world. Miyuki's peace and quiet was interrupted when she, Skye, and a changed Toumeya were sent on a rescue mission to rescue her "parents" of this reality Isaac and Jenna from a Magi-crystal mine called SITE 1. The trio, along with the loudmouthed Ethan boarded a Lemurian ship and went on many trips and adventures until they finally recovered Miyuki's lost parents. Throughout the ordeal, Miyuki's emotions got the better of her, and she began showing unusual displays of power. The most dangerous of this new awakening came in the form of a fiery phoenix bird that she transforms into that decimates her opponents. She is unaware on how to trigger it, or even control it, but her emotions are the likely cause that she herself begins to question her own sanity. The one to keep her in line is her comrade Skye. Skye is the calmer of the two but is always there for her in case she has a nervous breakdown. Toumeya, although not related to Miyuki has become a big sister to her having grown up with each other. Ethan, who has joined the party permanently gets on Miyuki's nerves alot because of both adepts views on how people should live their lives. Ethan is unaware of Miyuki's past and just sees her as someone who needs to lighten up. Ethan plays alot of rude jokes on her and oftentimes insulting Miyuki's body a number of times which causes Miyuki to take some kind of violent punishment on Ethan. The two have a love hate relationship.

PRESENT DAY (GSG EPISODE THREE): In the present, Miyuki still lives in Vale with Skye, Toumeya, Ethan, and recently Tasha after their huge "World Tour" which has everyone starting back to where they started. Miyuki spends each day resting, relaxing, training and overall just enjoying her freedom. Tasha's arrival and goal of entering a Tournament called COLOSSO intrigued Miyuki that she accepts Tasha's offer and wants to help her out as well as test out her skills in the arena. Miyuki's sword skills are in high regard using the weapons her Uncle Felix and mother(her real mother) Jenna used when they were warriors, but her fire adept magic skills are lacking. This is because of her not developing them living in an element deprived Weyard that it becomes a major weakness to her fighting mettle. Miyuki is still unaware on how to trigger her Phoenix form but knows it could happen again.


Age: 21 Years Old
Height: 6'4
Element: Wind
Weapon: Axes, Fists
Personality: calm, friendly, passive, a supporter of sorts
Likes: reading, weightlifting, advice-giver
Dislikes: nothing much, Ethan's opinion of him being 'boring'
Special Abilities:
* REVEAL - Reveals hidden doors, traps in a small area
* MIND READ - reads non-magic users minds
* MOVE - creates a ghostly hand that moves pillars or tree stumps
* WHIRLWIND - conjures up a small tornado that blows away leaves and foliage
Battle Attacks:
* Shine Plasma - Level 2 Wind Attack
* Sleep - Low Accuracy sleep ability on all enemies
* Impact - raises user attack stat
* Thunder Mine - Powerful Single Strike Lightning Punch

EARLY UPBRINGING (GS: ALCHEMY'S FURY): A quiet and gentle man despite living in a wartorn hellhole of a world. Skye, just like his friend Miyuki had both parents killed in unfortunate circumstances. Although the news was very sad, Skye kept a clear head and a positive attitude about things. Growing up, he joined Miyuki and Toumeya and made a pact to help each other out when times were hard, and they were at that time. Skye trained himself day and night on becoming a stronger and better person. He, Toumeya and Miyuki were rescued by a warrior named Felix who joined forces with them to return to the past and prevent their world from begin destroyed. With nowhere to go, the Adepts were given a second chance and were sent 20 years in the future to where they adapted new identities and lives, but it was short lived when they were needed again to save Miyuki's parents Isaac and Jenna from the Magi-crystal mine called SITE 1. Skye as a person is calm, levelheaded and very easygoing. He rarely gets mad easily, and always looks at the positives in bad situations. A very likable guy despite his appearance. Skye is very tall and muscular and it shows in his wind elemental fighting power. Skye is a utility fighter capable of using various ways to fight. Although he's a peaceful and quiet man, he'll resort to fighting if the need arises. His original weapons were Dual Axes that he used and made when he first arrived to the new Weyard, but then chose to let his powerful fists do the fighting.

THE STRONG SILENT TYPE: Skye has no regrets in his life, and is never sad or depressed despite living a rough life. The complete opposite of his friend Miyuki. Miyuki lived a traumatizing life and took her parents deaths to the heart and chokes up when they're even mentioned. Skye is always there for moral support to her and serves as the responsible adult who watches over his friends well being. He also stands as a support for Toumeya after her life altering accident, and cares for her deeply as well. Ethan's rude antics don't get to Skye at all, and is aware of Ethan's reason for bringing attention to himself, that he shrugs it off. He knows Ethan is a lonely little boy and likes to give him various advice and consolation on things when Ethan feels like crap. They have a good well rounded friendship even though Ethan takes one or two jabs at Skye's "lack of personality", being "bland" and "one-sided".

THE PRESENT (GSG EPISODE THREE): Currently, Skye lives in Vale still on his endless workout. Working out and training serves as a relaxing daily exercise for him. He kept up with this routine everyday that his body has grown very well in strength and physical power. Although it is not shown between the two, Skye has a fond admiration for Tasha's work ethic working towards her goal. The two are on complete equal footing and respect each other as equals. Having been informed of Tasha's mission, Skye was the first to accept helping her out on her journey and looks to do that throughout the tournament.


Age: 68 Lemurian Years; 16 Years Old (Human Years); Looks 10 Years Old physically
Height: 4'9
Element: Water
Weapon: Rods, staves
Personality: depressed, to herself, lonely, a bit cynical
As Mey: hyper, happy, friendly, gullible, random, schizophrenic (the persona "Mey")
Likes: Tasha, Miyuki, Skye, cookies, food, sleep, cuddly things, wolves and cute animals
Dislikes: insensitive people, her current condition, Ethan, her endless repetitive nightmares
Special Abilities:
* PARCH - melts puddles
* DOUSE (DOUSE DROP ITEM) - summons small rain cloud
* FROST (FROST JEWEL ITEM) - freezes puddle into an ice column
Battle Attacks: NONE

NEW ROLES: Toumeya's lived her life through alot of trials and hardships. Originally living a peaceful childhood in her Island Home of Lemuria, to having it condemned unlivable and forced to move with her family. A few years passed when Lemuria was completely ravaged by the events of the outside world. Toumeya and her parent's migrated to an underground Sanctuary where she found an emotional Miyuki crying her eyes out in front of her murdered parents. Toumeya and her parents took Miyuki as one of their own and lived together. Toumeya quickly had to learn to take care of herself, Miyuki, and later Skye because her parents had fallen ill to being away from Lemuria for so long and that the years away from Lemuria began to age Toumeya and her folks alot faster than normal. Toumeya herself living outside of Lemuria for about ten years overall aged faster resembling that of someone in their late twenties, early thirties when she was still technically 11 or 12 years old in human years and mentality. Her parents died when their bodies were too old to be able to function and because of disease of living in such poor conditions. Now forced to raise two kids on her own, had to keep a positive attitude and inspired Skye and Miyuki to train themselves in case the were finally rescued from their nightmare. A few times, Toumeya would go out on her own to visit the survivors in the Sanctuary, but she was actually heading to her parents graves to cry and let emotions out that she was too afraid of living this way and wanted to be with her folks.

NEW LIFE AND THE ACCIDENT (GSG EPISODE ONE): Years passed and thats when Toumeya and her friends were rescued by a time traveled Felix who joined forces with the adepts, and returned to their time and saved their futures. They were sent on their way twenty years in the future to live new lives. The first goal for her was to change her body back to normal, and went back to Lemuria to see if it was possible. Using powerful Magi-crystals, she accepted a risky operation that would revert Toumeya's body to what it look like if not for the exposure of being away from Lemuria back then. The operation started by having her powers as an adept purged out of her body. They were absorbed into the crystals than used to convert the river around Toumeya to change her, but the operation failed as Toumeya's powers were being amplified instead of being contained which shattered them releasing them to the world. As a last ditch effort, Toumeya's powers were sealed again in two small crystals fitted on her armbands permanently. This caused a chain reaction which corrupted her body to decelerate in age to that of a young girl. On top of that, the procedure destroyed part of her brain leaving her with a double personality and brain damage. Toumeya's new alter ego is a more crazy, adolescent personality named "Mey". At times, Mey would take over Toumeya's body and act as a different person. The experiment also prevented her from using her powers, and even stopped aging in the process.

GSG EPISODE ONE/TWO: Thanks to this accident Toumeya was handicapped by these factors and found it hard to function on a daily basis. Because of the intensity that her powers displayed, the Lemurian scientist Conservato wanted Toumeya as a part of his experiments and research. The King of Lemuria's trusted adviser Piers realized this and kidnapped Toumeya so that she wouldn't have to stay in Lemuria and be a guinea pig. The two returned to Vale where Toumeya reunited with Miyuki and Skye and had to learn to live in her condition. Piers gave the adepts his ship to use and returned on another ship to Lemuria to sort out the details with the King and freeing Toumeya from being a test subject. He succeeded, but then later was jailed once Conservato took over the throne and still wanted Toumeya's power for himself. Meanwhile Toumeya joined Miyuki and Skye on their journey. Ethan tagged along as well by sneaking onboard their ship. Toumeya formed a friendship with Ethan and even had feelings for him while they traveled but kept it to herself and Mey. Her trust in him was destroyed later on concerning an incident that occurred between the two that put their friendship on the rocks. Toumeya feels betrayed by Ethan's carelessness and its been awkward ever since.

GSG EPISODE THREE: After their journey, Toumeya lived in Vale and stayed at Ethan's house, trying to work out their differences but didn't work out that well. Toumeya found Tasha who was a wolf caught in a trap and freed her, Tasha turned into a human and then moved in with the adepts. Tasha told the adepts of her mission and they all agreed on helping her, but Toumeya felt isolated from her friends because she couldn't do much in terms of fighting and became more depressed because of it. Deep down, Toumeya was a very depressed person because of her accident and assumed everyone would leave her all alone when everyone else died. This realization took the form of a horrifying nightmare that plays in her head every time she sleeps at night.

THE TRAP AND THE ULTIMATE PRICE: Toumeya was forced to return to Lemuria, but it was a trap by Conservato to lure her back home. It worked and she was in his clutches. The mad scientist planned to extract her powers for his own desired use, but Toumeya took the upper hand and shattered the crystals holding her powers and unleashed them on Lemuria killing Conservato and foiling his plans. The blast freed a jailed Piers who worried about her since he was first jailed for assisting in her kidnapping. Unfortunately she was found dead by Piers after shattering her powers that were connected to her life force. Toumeya was officially deemed dead in the land of the living, but was saved by her own powers and manifested her as a spirit soul.

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