- I: Introduction of Tasha
- II: Sailing to the First Round

- I: Introduction of Tasha

Months after their huge sailing adventure came to an end, Ethan Tedrow along with his friends, Miyuki Gordon, Skye Zephyr, and Toumeya Aquios return to the village of Vale to continue on with their lives after spending about a year at the Seavillage Port Yorktol. During that time frame, Ethan and Toumeya tried working out their differences after a fight early on. Ethan and Toumeya returned home to Vale and continued to live together trying to resort out their conflicts, but its been awkward ever since.

Toumeya still suffers from a brain condition after an accident she went through which gave her a double personality. This personality became known as a more adolescent persona called "Mey" that she goes into lapses becoming this hyper and goofy person. Ethan, being his rude usual self gets Toumeya to go out and get some food for the house because Ethan's parents are still away learning more about Eugene Davonshire's Magi Crystal Research. On the way home, Toumeya encounters a trapped Wolf in a bear trap and decides to help it out.

She frees the wolf and not ten seconds later stumbles into a trap hole. Concerned, the Wolf investigates and instead falls into the trap as well. Toumeya, deciding that no one will help them until morning knocks out. Little does she know that the wolf is actually a human girl named Tasha. Tasha reverts to human form and tells Toumeya's Djinni (elemental spirits born of water that also serve as Toumeya's Consciences) that she is from a cursed Werewolf village named Garoh and was training herself as a wolf.

Toumeya awakens and meets Tasha to the dismay of saying goodbye to "Woofy". Meanwhile, Ethan, pissed off that Toumeya isn't back goes off on his own and discovers the girl in the hole. He rescues her and discovers Tasha as well donning wolf ears and a tail, which is a huge turn on to Ethan because of his obsession with girls of the half animal verity. His stuttering and out of breath antic get him in hot water with Tasha as he learns that he likes Tasha alot and is attracted to her. The trio return home where Tasha explains of why she's training. Tasha plans to enroll in a fighting tournament to win money to buy a ship and sail to the Ring of Fire mountains where fresh Magi Crystals lay. She wishes to bring these crystals back to Garoh where the Garoh Elders can perform a ritual which will free the town of its werewolf curse and Tasha is sent as the one responsible to get these crystals.

Afterward Ethan finally sees that he acted rudely so he wishes to apologize to her, but after having erotic and rude dreams of Tasha as a dominatrix, he cannot muster the courage to apologize without getting the Sexy Tasha thought out of his head. The problem gets worse as Ethan learns that Tasha is capable of reading peoples feelings and emotions. Ethan who naturally overreacts, assumes that Tasha will see him as a perverted lout and will never speak to him again. In a dream, Ethan musters up the courage to the dream Tasha about apologizing and that he wants to help her out on her journey. The Dream Tasha overreacts and kisses Ethan passionately. Ethan awakens and feels more confident to confront Tasha. Its learned that the Dream Tasha was Tasha herself who entered Ethan's dreams concerned about him and finally understood him.

As much as Ethan likes Tasha, she refuses to accept his romantic feelings towards her because she sees it as a distraction to her mission and doesn't wish to get involved. Although she is acceptable to his help, in return she decides to train Ethan on his own attacks and a month passes between the two training together. The two develop a deep friendship as comrades even though the two are aware of Ethan's feelings.


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