- I: Introduction of Tasha
- II: Sailing to the First Round



- II: From Sailing To The First Round

Its time the team heads out to the town of Kalay where their ship is ready to take them across the sea to Tolbi, the site where the fighting Tournament is being held. Two days prior to sailing, Toumeya was recalled back to Lemuria to settle matters on her freedom by the Lemurian King and Piers. Having no choice other than breaking the King's word, Toumeya returns to Lemuria missing out on the trip entirely. Tasha, Ethan, Miyuki, and Skye, with heavy hearts sail for Tolbi.

Back in Lemuria, Toumeya is tricked by the Lemurian Scientist Conservato into returning home where he can continue his Magi Crysta experiments on her. The Scientist is obsessed with Toumeya's display of power back in VOLUME ONE where her amassed powers were able to destroy solid Magi Crystals.

Toumeya learns an unfortunate truth as King Hydros had passed away years before. (In Lemuria, time is distorted and nine years went by on the island compared to just three years in the outside Weyard.) Piers, Toumeya's mentor and father figure tried to return home and grant Toumeya's freedom away from the labs but was captured and apprehended by the soldiers and was jailed in performing Toumeya's kidnapping and was jailed ever since. To add more pain in the turmoil in Lemuria, Conservato was granted the title of successor to King Hydros and was the one who instilled Toumeya's return and jailing Piers.

Her whole world shattered and destroyed, Toumeya is shackled and restrained where a dangerous ceremony is about to begin where her immense powers, sealed by the two tiny crystals on her armbands will be extracted and used for Conservato's experiments. The procedure itself being extremely dangerous as her powers, if extracted will kill Toumeya outright if they are tampered with, a fear she had to deal with ever since she first got in this predicament.

With no chance of escape and no friends around, Toumeya gives in and surrenders herself giving up on all life and humanity has one more plan in mind. With no reason to live, Toumeya shatters her crystals releasing her power preventing Conservato from absorbing it. The breach causes a huge ring of power to level the arena killing Conservato as well as leveling most of the island in the process. The blast allows Piers to escape from jail and finally finds Toumeya but its too late. Toumeya succeeds in preventing her powers to be used for evil, but comes as a price as she dies in Piers' arms having her world totally destroyed.

The remains of her power transforms into a reddish aura above Lemuria. Luckily by a miracle Toumeya's life was saved as her spirit has been transformed into a Spirit soul, a ghost of a human being who was magically gifted. Normal people do not become Spirit Souls, but die immediately. Toumeya was saved, by her own powers. Her powers in truth developed their own human emotions and awareness and manifested into its own identity, mimicking Toumeya's condition named itself "Marina". With no physical human body, Toumeya was freed of her double personality condition, but the bad outweighs the goods as "Marina" gives Toumeya the choice to live again on Weyard and risk being used again or finally die and be in peace.

With her soul exhausted, Toumeya decides to rest and choose later. Meanwhile, Tasha feels Toumeya's spirit disappear and gets worried. She breaks down and doubts herself and her mission in Ethan's arms. With some encouragement from Ethan, Tasha runs off and prefers to be alone. Ethan, feeling like shit starts doubting himself if he could help her. With all of this action going on, the ship finally arrives in Tolbi.


Once arriving, the team learns that they have no place to stay thanks to Ethan's bumbling which ends with him flying across to the other side of town. Miyuki lucks out and discovers the ruler of Tolbi grants Miyuki and her friends freedom to stay at their castle during the tournament. Ethan is the first to register for the Tournament after painful form filling, he goes out and purchases a Magi Crystal that will aid him with his magic during the tournament. Hours later, the entire team is fully registered as Ethan drops a bombshell to the team saying that he has his own place to stay. Tolbi is a second home to Ethan as he is involved with the gambling facilities that he's rewarded for his gambling exploits in the past that he's given a room at a great hotel.

The preliminary rounds begin as the foursome passes each test and is awarded permission to compete in the Colosso tournaments top 16 fighters.

The First round is underway as its time for the matches:

On the first day of trials, Ethan awakes to unsettling news that the first match is in a few minutes. Frantic, he hurries to the Coliseum.

Ethan arrives and meets his opponent despite not eating, bathing or even knowing who he's fighting. Up on the air field he takes on Alexis White and her Fox Partner Nene.

Alexis transforms Nene into a HUGE Fire breathing Fox destined to make Ethan lose. Through some quick thinking Ethan manages to spring together a popular combo of his redirecting the Fox's fire breath attack back at its summoner dealing twice as much damage.

Unable to get up, Ethan is declared the winner automatically and moves onto the second round even with the rough morning. Out of obsession Ethan asks Alexis for Nene to hang out with him. Nene agrees and decides to hang out with him.

Several hours later on the same field, the next battle begins between a thief named Rikku and a fighter named Maria. Maria successfully beats Rikku and advances as well to the second round.

The first day ends on a good note.


On the second day after relinquishing his victory, Ethan brings Skye along to a place where the duo can train. Meanwhile while this is happening another match is going on, on a magma and volcano field. Fighter Kazuma faces off against a mysterious woman named Mary. The two are evenly matched as the fight drags on for two hours.

While the duo look for the place, Skye bumps into an innocent girl. The girl apparently seems to know Skye and begins to tail him. At the weight training facility, Ethan notices the same girl in the same exercise room at the two. The two leave and Ethan stays to find out about the girl.

The girl reveals herself as Megan who has fallen for Skye ever since she first saw him and wanted to meet him, but her shyness and awkwardness makes it hard for her to approach him. Ethan tells her to find someone else, but Megan is not going to give up after one failed attempt.

At the Coliseum, Skye arrives to the arena at the shock of finding Megan at the opposite end of the arena. With no security trying to stop her, Megan reveals herself as Minerva, Skye's actual opponent. Minerva's crush seems to get worse and the two clash. Skye notices her too distracted to fight and he questions her honor as a fighter which totally destroys Minerva's confidence.

After some rough jeers from the crowd, Minerva sucks it up and gets the upper hand of Skye and fights back regaining her composure as a fighter. They clash evenly again until Skye gets an idea. He uses his power since he can't physically hurt Minerva to create a magma tornado which sucks Minerva in it causing serious damage and burns to her. Minerva falls and apologizes for being too distracted to give him a 100% effort.

Skye feels badly and agrees to treat Minerva out on a date and out of nowhere, Minerva explodes saying that he has fallen into her guilt trap. It was all a setup to get him to agree on a date. Despite losing the battle Minerva won after all in the end much to the dismay of Skye...


The third day of fighting begins with the match on an ice field. the two competitors are a mysterious woman named Mistress Shiva and a red headed fighter named "Crimson Gun" Rubedo Kukai. The crowd is on his side as his whole fanbase supports him, but after the match begins, he is outlasted and defeated in Shiva's hands. The crowd following Kukai jeers in disgust. While this is happening, Ethan, Tasha, and Alex sit as spectators to watch. Ethan tugs at several Rubedo fan's hearts and instead gets blacklisted as he is hunted down by the rabid fangirls who are angry that their hero lost and runs off to town to get away from them.

Ethan gets away and reunites with Miyuki as they head for the park. Miyuki is busy looking all over for someplace to train by herself. The two talk as they get interrupted by a woman who has another small flying fox like Alexis. She reveals herself to be Alexis' superior and Miyuki's opponent Lucia "CERBERUS" Hart. The woman talks with an insensitive tone telling the two she has done her research on Miyuki and boasts about having a great match today and anything less will disappoint her. Miyuki shrugs her off and thanks to a tip by Cerberus finds an out of the way cave to train by herself.

Hours later during around the time of the match, Ethan, Skye, and Tasha are outside the waiting line to get into the stadium. Ethan is peeved about the long lines, Skye is frustrated after a long day. He explains Minerva found where Skye was staying when she should have been recovering in a hospital, but thanks to her nondying infatuation with him, she found him out. Minerva reunited with the trio much to Skye's dismay and get seated in.

Miyuki and Cerberus are introduced and their battle begins. At first, Miyuki gets the upper hand as she violently attacks Cerberus. Lucia merely defends and calls forth several summons from Weyard. Using their power she boosts her own attack power, then summons another that grants her a healing round for about 10 or so turns. Miyuki is dumbfounded as she let Cerberus get in that healing tactic.

Finally Lucia goes on the offensive calling forth her own prized summon Sakura of Ten Thousand Flames. Unknown to Miyuki, Lucia has planned this from the start boosting her power then using her healing summon to have a regenerating effect, and both these bonuses go to Sakura since the two are connected. She lets Sakura do the fighting as she overwhelms Miyuki who can only do as much as she can and her flaws are beginning to show themselves. Cerberus continues on and belittles Miyuki as the match continues on which puts Miyuki in a spot.

Sakura goes in for the kill, but Miyuki stops Sakura's sword and begins to engulf herself in flames. this means Miyuki is becoming the Phoenix again. Miyuki's emotions get the better of her as she allows herself to transform into a fiery Phoenix firebird. This transformation has happened before in the past when Miyuki's emotions became too unstable that she calls forth this being. Skye and Ethan realize what's happening and go down towards the arena to stop Miyuki but she fully transforms and destroys Sakura easily then turns to Cerberus who is defenseless and makes the killing blow.

The match is decided as Miyuki reverts to normal on her own free will. Skye and Ethan conclude that Miyuki seems to be able to control the firebird since she was able to snap out of it so easily. Alexis helps Lucia who concedes defeat, but even then isn't impressed at all with Miyuki's fighting skills and calls her out again needing "more training" and offensive magic; simply hitting things with her sword won't matter much during this competition.

Miyuki, who is morally defeated goes out on her own and feels like she was the one who lost the match. Lucia decides to go on home and leaves Alexis to stay and check out the rest of the tournament. She also relinquishes possession of her fox partner O-Two to Tasha since the two seem to love each other. Ethan, who is worried for Miyuki asks whats going to happen with her, but Skye eases his mind telling him she'll easily bounce back.

The night ends with Miyuki finally giving in and buying an enhancer crystal from the seller Greta feeling defeated.


The fourth day of COLLOSO begins in the morning with another match. This time introducing Nerin who fights using counterattacks. She overwhelms her opponent Fayt and wins the match using his own power against him. Nerin is actually partner to Kazuma who fought the day before against Blessed Mary Magdeline. Tasha, Minerva, Skye, and Alexis meet up with the duo wondering what the heck they just saw. Kazuma tells them that Nerin is an android. Part machine and part human and are fighting in the tournament for fun.

Nerin gets budied up with Alexis and Minerva who want to show her a good time in the city. Tasha leaves the group and heads out on her own. She begins to doubt herself again and runs into Ethan when deciding to train or not. The two meet up again and talk about Tasha's match. Tasha, feeling down, gets a huge encouragement from Ethan and cheers her on when her match begins. She feels appreciated and decides to go forth believing in herself.

Prior to the match Ethan, Minerva, Skye, Kazuma, and Nerin are waiting in line. Ethan gets his messed up tournament picture fixed at the price of huge embarrassment from his photographer. Skye asks Minerva to go out and get Miyuki. Miyuki makes it in time after training in the cave and using the enhancer crystal she bought and it seemed to boost her power so she's in better spirits and they go onto see Tasha fight.

Tasha gets butterflies but she proceeds to the arena where she's announced. Her opponent is announced as well and is the reigning COLOSSO Champion for the three straight years named Kosera. Tasha overhears the audience's reaction to Kosera and wonders why everyone is cheering so wildly and whistling. The match starts as Kosera gets the upper hand and slashes Tasha causing her to bleed. Kosera seductively tastes Tasha's blood and becomes enamored with the Wolf girl. Kosera then goes onto hit on Tasha with playful flirts and totally psyching her out. Feeling uncomfortable, she wants her to stop and fight. Kosera agrees and the two finally clash.

Meanwhile, Miyuki checks out the crowd and discovers that the entire crowd is male oriented and enjoy the matches when the champion fights because of her wild, flirty, playful antics which seem to psyche her opponents out. Kosera pins Tasha to the ground and prepares one last attack to win the match, Tasha then subconsciously deflects it and casts a barrier around her invoking a deeper unknown power within her which seemed to have protected her. Kosera gets pissed and the two agree to have one final clash.

The two battle with their ultimate attacks, the attacks collide head on causing an explosion knocking out both fighters. The judges award a ten count and the first person who wakes up moves onto the second round. Ethan yells out to Tasha to get up. Tasha is falling farther and farther in her subconscious when she hears Ethan's words and agrees that she has to awaken quick. Tasha does and realizes that she's standing and not Kosera which gives her the win and moves onto the next round.

Kosera admits defeat and threatens Tasha that she should help her find a new place to live since she'll now be kicked out of the Champions resort where Champions stay for a year free. Tasha hesitates but then Kosera latches onto Tasha and reverts back to her playful and flirty ways and admits that this is not an act and that she really feels attracted to Tasha now that the match is over. Tasha wants to leave but is stuck in the lustful clutches of her opponent. The others then agree to help her out of this predicament and on that note ends the first round matches of COLOSSO.


A day after the events of the first round, Tasha in the castle, laments after her humiliating win. She debated whether or not to go outside after being embarrassed by her opponent. Miyuki arrives and tells her she will be undergoing more training. Tasha lets her go and then decides to go out after all.

On this fifth day of events, the Coliseum is closed and the primary focus is on all the events going around town as Tolbi continues its festivities during COLOSSO. Tasha walks out of the castle but gets hounded by a large crowd of reporters who wish to interview her about her latest match win and overthrowing the Champion. the questions and peer pressure get to her that she sees Ethan walking across the street and then meets up with him trying to get away from the crowd.

The two finally stop at the park where Tasha tells Ethan what has happened. The duo are then interrupted by Minerva, Alexis, Nerin the Android, and Skye who meet up with them and tell them that one of the hotels will throw a ballroom party to those who were involved, fought and joined the Tournament. Ethan at first doesn't want to go, but after some convincing from Minerva agrees to go on the behalf of spending some alone time with Tasha. Tasha shatters his plans by not wanting to go since she isn't much of the formal type. Alexis and Minerva stop her and disagree and decide to take matters into their own hands as they 'kidnap' Tasha and get her ready for the party.

On the night of the party, Ethan stirs outside one of the balconies in annoyance because he doesn't want to party but be alone with Tasha and ask her out to check out the Festival Villa the next day. The Festival Villa being the most active place where all the events of Colosso will take place with thrill rides, games, and lots of other fun stuff. Tasha meets up with Ethan all dressed in formal attire much to the shock of Ethan. the two talk and Tasha warms up to the idea of dancing together, Ethan isn't much of a dancer and neither is Tasha but the two attempt slow dancing outside either way. Ethan gets the courage to ask Tasha out but is interrupted by Skye who tells Tasha he will be taking Miyuki home as she has had one too many drinks and is out of it.

After being interrupted for the third time, Ethan blurts out to Tasha if they would like to go somewhere fun. Tasha agrees and Ethan takes her to the Gambling Hall where Ethan first learned his craft of Gambling. There he introduces her to Albert "Pops" Grundson, a second father to Ethan who watched over him when his own parents were away on digs for a long time. He also introduces Tasha to Wally the bartender who also watched Ethan. Ethan goes out to speak to Albert as Tasha is treated by Wally. Ethan explains the situation with him the last year or so, and the topic is brought up about him and his relationship with Toumeya. Ethan realizes he's the one at fault and that their relationship is very damaged, that he gets a realty check from Albert and promises himself to speak with Toumeya once he gets home. He promises to never make the same mistakes as he did with Toumeya if he was ever going to go far in a relationship with Tasha. He reunites with Tasha and the two play some games for awhile.

After an hour or so, Ethan, being caught up with his card game realizes that Tasha is sick. She has one too many drinks and she herself is drunk from the buzz. ethan is shocked and agrees to take her home before Albert finds out. He says his goodbyes to Wally as he escorts Tasha home. At a crossroad, Ethan remembers that everyone would have been home already and if they found Tasha in this condition and Ethan taking her home, he would never be trusted with her again and would face severe consequences. Ethan then decides to take her back to his own hotel room. Once there, he sits her on the couch hoping she finally falls asleep. Fearing the worst and assuming his relationship is over based on how irresponsible he's been he heads over to sleep. Suddenly, Tasha stirs and begins having nightmares and mutters in her sleep that she's the only one to save everyone. Feeling powerless Ethan, vows to Tasha that he will do whatever he can to help her. for Tasha and for his promise to Albert.


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