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GS/GS: TLA Related Questions

Q. Why the long ass title?
A. The title merely means:
GOLDEN SUN = Referring to the core RPG games that these stories are based of: Golden Sun and Golden Sun: The Lost Age
GENERATIONS = Meaning that these stories follow the lives of the children of the main characters from the GS Series
BEFORE THE STORM = Stands for this entire Golden Sun Fancomic series. The BTS series consists of Four Webcomic Arc stories with each being a year following the adventures of Miyuki and Friends
EPISODE = Stands for the individual comic arc story. This is the third year which goes into the lives of Ethan and Tasha and the adventure they'll get into together
COLOSSO/AFTERMATH = The title of the current Volume. Each Volume has ten or more chapters consisting of about twenty or more pages in between each chapter.

Q. Elaborate more on this BTS series, why four year Arcs, what happens after or before this?
A. Originally, I wrote a Golden Sun Fanfic called Alchemy's Fall and another one called Golden Sun: Luna Spirits. Both of these stories had a four year gap in between each other. Alchemy's Fury was a fan-made sequel story two years after the events of the GS games and had introduced the three characters Miyuki, Skye, and Toumeya. Then the four year timeskip and then GS: Luna Spirits which had the three characters four years older. I decided then that the four year gap would be this Golden Sun Before The Storm webcomic series that would eventually lead up to GS: Luna Spirits.

So as follows it goes:
Golden Sun > GS: The Lost Age > GS: Alchemy's Fall > GSG: EPISODE'S 1 - 4 > GS: Luna Spirits

Q. I do not understand the backstory to Golden Sun/Alchemy's Fall, who is ::insert character name here::, and what are ::insert GS related thing::?
A. As expected. GS is a rare and underrated game that I strongly recommend any RPG gamer. It's on par with many Final Fantasy games and Epic RPG's despite being on a small Gameboy Advance platform. The graphics of the game, battle system, and musical score are top notch, but thats just my opinion. If you need a refresher or don't want to buy the games, you can read the Wikipedia entries for them:

Golden Sun

Golden Sun: The Lost Age

Or if you need a brief summary, read the various Prologues on this site. Even if you don't know much about GS, these stories are set up in a way that there will be less references to the games except names, towns, and people. The stories all focus on the characters themselves with little to no research to the games.

Q. Explain Weyard a bit more.
A. Weyard the world where this story takes place. It's also the same world as in the GS Universe. In the GS games, Weyard was a flat world with many continents inside of it. In real mechanics, this is physically impossible to have a world like this. The small continents were surrounded by ocean which endlessly falls off the ends of the world nonstop called Gaia Falls. Weyard was also shrinking as time went along. In years before, Weyard was alot bigger, but because the lighthouses of Alchemy remained unlit, the world continued to shrink. Once the lighthouses of each element were lit, Weyard was saved from shrinking entirely. In regards to the BEFORE THE STORM Series, Weyard is the same flat planet as before except the lighthouses were lit and caused the world to grow and expand. Flash forward ahead twenty years. Weyard continues to grow and forms oceans and more land that it lost in its shrinking process. The planet begins to change from a flat piece of land to a bigger round planet. The newly grown areas of the planet remain undiscovered cause of long intense oceans that go on forever.

As for the intact continents, they began to drift farther away from each other and rising from the oceans was rocky mountain cliffs that completely encircled the Weyard continents from stretching out. This formed its own version of the "Ring of Fire": a ring of connecting mountains that isolated the continents of Weyard. The distance from the Ring of Mountains and the nearest Weyard continent is hundreds and hundred of miles apart that no ship is capable of reaching the rocky ring. On the outside of the Ring is the uncharted lands, which is speculated to have more ocean and untouched land. Miyuki and friends only got to as far as the Ring of Mountains before being sidetracked in GSG YEAR TWO.


Q. Does EPISODE THREE begin exactly after comic Arcs EPISODE'S ONE AND TWO?
A. Without giving too much This story begins on neutral ground that you don't really need to read up on the past GSG BTS Arc's. When this story starts the main characters wind up back to where they begin in the town of Vale living their lives, so you don't really need to read GSG: BTS: E1 Aftermath to know how this story begins from there. ALOT happens in terms of story in GSG E1 and E2, so don't think that the characters went on the huge sailing adventure only to wind up returning with nothing. Alot of things happened that I won't spoil much on here.

Q. What are the little details of note that happened in GSG: E1 and E2 that I need to know about for this story?
A. There are only a few minor things to know in terms of reading through this story. Each character has learned a unique elemental ability different from each other:

  • Miyuki: Learned Blaze = Manipulates Fire

  • Skye: Learned Reveal = Reveals hidden passageways and items

  • Toumeya: Learned Parch = Dries up water puddles

  • Ethan: Learned Sand = Transforms into sand only when standing on it

Miyuki awakens a hidden ability which allows her to transform into a Fiery Phoenix bird. She is unaware of how to trigger it, or control it. Ethan receives his token Novelty cards that he uses when fighting. These cards have their own unique abilities when used in a fight, but their uses are limited in lengthy battles:

  • ATTACK CARD: Uses Three types of attacks

  • DEFENSE CARD: Uses Three types of Defensive abilities

  • REFLECT CARD x2: One Card must be used in order to deflect an enemies magic attack to the other card

  • RANDOM CARD: Casts ANY attack

Other than the above mentioned, that's all you need to know for this story. Toumeya still has her disability of not aging or using her powers, but it didn't prevent her from learning new abilities like Parch.

Q. Explain the Magi-Crystal scenario
A. The crystals are tied to the growing of Weyard. Sixteen years prior to this story while the Ring of Fire mountains were emerging, along with those, mountains crystals began to form inside the mines. Those crystals held large amounts of magic inside of them and could be used to power anything. The crystals varied in color and shape which also represented how much power they stored. Geologists and scientists embarked on many trips to these mountains to examine the land composition, but only one geologist/scientist by the name of Eugene Davonshire first arrived to the first locale named SITE ONE and discovered the first signs of Magi-Crystals. He set up base researching the various abilities of these crystals and came to the conclusion of their ability to grant power to anything. Other Geologists followed Davonshire and migrated the crystals to inner Weyard where scientists worked with these crystals and began inventing various inventions using them as a core power source.

A huge baby boom exploded throughout the years with these crystals becoming a huge success that everyone wanted one of their own. Because of the high demand of them, boat sales have skyrocketed and made it next to impossible to go on a routine trip to the Ring and find rich, unearthed crystals. To the present day, the crystals are still popular and used for many things. One of them could power simple devices like lights and stoves, and crystals by themselves can be used on their own as a means of communication like cell phones to the real world but crystals in the GSG world. Some Magi crystals also can have the ability to bestow Psynergy powers to the user. These crystals are often dangerous because they can conflict with a person, mainly an adept's own powers and cause negative side effects like mental disorders, illness, or even death. One of these examples that can be looked at is Toumeya. Her powers were absorbed out of her and stored inside two Magi-crystals back in GSG: BTS EPISODE ONE, but instead of storing them, they reacted negatively and increased her powers and destroyed the crystals. It took two small crystals to hold Toumeya's now intense powers situated on her armbands. Along with that procedure, Toumeya has been forever scarred and received brain damage, halted aging, and no longer the use of her powers due to misuse of the Magi-Crystals.

Common Questions about this Comic

Q. What Medium did you use to make these pages?
A. Sketchbook, Manga Studio Debut, and Photoshop CS2. I plan ahead of time doing these pages. I think up how the story is going to flow and then draw the next pages in a small sketchbook on what the page will look like. I then open up MSD and then make out the panels, then draw out the scenes on one layer, then ink it out on another layer and then turn it into a .psd file and open up Photoshop where I apply the coloring, and make out the text (Anime Ace 2.0) on the pages and its ready. The entire process from Manga Studio to completed page for five pages takes two days, one day to ink the pages another to color and text the five pages.

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