- An intro to some of the minor characters and guests seen in this comic.


Alexis "BLACKFOX" White/Nene:

Age: 19 Years Old
Weapon: Summoner-Cross [SCYTHE]
Class: Summoner/Fire Mage
Origin: Character by Hopeless-Breakdown

A young Summoner from another world. She tagged along with her friends Nene and Lucia for the sport of fighting and to see new worlds and meet new people. With her pet Nene, the two are always together. Alexis fights with fire magic but she lets Nene do the majority of the fighting. Her Summoners powers allow her to transform Nene into a larger Fox capable of many attacks so first impressions of the cute fox usually end up with the victim in a world of pain.
After being defeated by Ethan, Alexis tags along with the rest of the group and hangs around them. She also hands over Nene to Ethan because Ethan LOVES furry cute things. Nene hangs around Ethan mainly sleeping on his bed all day when there isn't a match. Alexis also shows one or two signs of a small crush on Ethan, but is a bit aware of Tasha since the two hang around most of the time she's with them. Alexis and Minerva are together most of the time and become quick friends.

Minerva T. Seraphim:

Age: 20 Years Old
Weapon: Scythe of Death [SCYTHE]
Class: Seraph
Origin: Character by Locke

A Seraph girl from another world. Minerva is a bit of an oddball fighter. She's very calculating and studies opponents tactics and learns to counter them. She has an immunity to wind based attacks and her own attacks are not very strong, but she's very fast and her four black wings provide her the swiftness needed to maneuver. She would be a greater fighter and be taken more seriously if not for the fact that she is very clumsy, a romanticist (for blond men especially), easily distracted, and tends to drift off in thought than pay attention to the situation at hand. Her wings are a bit of an annoyance and garners attention to herself when not fighting.

Minerva uses a special Magi-Crystal which completely changes her body so that she can maneuver around the city without being noticed. Worn around her neck, she changes to that of a fourteen year old girl with glasses, braces, freckles, and a big hat. Her outrageous personality still shines through her new form but regardless she is completely loyal (obsessed) to Skye. She tags along now with the group after her match hoping to get close to him, but he merely shrugs her off. Her and Ethan share a bit of a feud with each other often namecalling. "Squirt" and "Dork" are popular name choices for the two. She sees Miyuki as a rival for Skye's heart. She hangs around Alexis and Nerin most of the time as the three are quick friends.

Kazuma Takahashi/O-Two:

Age: 17 Years Old
Weapon: Morph Rukai [Multiple Weapons]
Class: Bounty Hunter
Origin: Character by Xenosnake

A bounty hunter who visited Weyard for the sport of the tournament. Kazuma fights with a unique weapon capable of transforming into many forms: daggers, scythes, bows or claws. His endurance and speed are top notch but his attack and defense power are very low. He relies on his speed and weapons to win fights. He fights alongside his partner Nerin who is also in the tournament who is an android, half human, half machine. His first round opponent Mary put up a fierce battle with Kazuma as the two fought evenly matched for an hour. It wasn't until Mary surrendered that Kazuma was granted to move onto the second round.

O-Two pictured here by Kazuma is another Fox-Kit just like Nene. O-Two's partner is actually Lucia "Cerberus" Hart, but because of O-two's curious nature of Weyard, he is usually seen hanging around anyone trying to get the most of his outer world experience. Later O-two will stay in Weyard while his master departs to her home world which gives him more opportunity to see things he never seen before.


Age: Unknown
Weapon: Recoilers [TWIN DAGGERS]
Class: Assassin
Origin: Character by Xenosnake

Despite looking human, Nerin is actually an android, half human AND half machine. Nerin is Kazuma's partner in bounty hunting and joined him to participate in COLOSSO for the fun sport of it. Nerin uses defense for her fighting style and hardly moves at all. She counters her opponents by posing a strong elemental defense and resistance to the point where her opponents tire themselves out, then counterattacks them for the knock out blow. She also possesses several built in weapons on her arms as a last resort but can only use them at a short range. Non fighting, Nerin tries to be as human as she can be, but is shown as being very shy when confronting people and has little to say. She's usually seen blushing and standing firm ready to take an order that comes her way. Her first round battle with Fayt was quick as she countered Fayt's ultimate attack using his own power against him. She tags along with Minerva and Alex as the two constantly try to make Nerin feel more human.

Water Djinni Shade:

Occupation: Defensive Djinni
Personality: calm, intelligent, serious
Ability: Negates 60% of all damage to Toumeya

An elemental spirit born from the water power of Alchemy. Djinni are used to protect the Legendary Elemental Stars and aid Adepts in battle. Shade is a Water Djinni from the "Golden Sun: The Lost Age" Game. His ability in battle allows him, when used, to create a watery shield which reduces damage to the party by 90%. In this series, he and Eddy were given to Toumeya to help her out with her developing powers. Shade is the serious, rational Djinni and gets his buddy Eddy out of trouble.

Water Djinni Eddy:

Occupation: Defensive Djinni
Personality: wild, eccentric, goofy

An elemental spirit born from the water power of Alchemy. Djinni are used to protect the Legendary Elemental Stars and aid Adepts in battle. Eddy is a Water Djinni from the "Golden Sun: The Lost Age" Game. His ability is useless in this comic since he allows 1 Djinni in for each party member to return to the Set Status after they been tributed for a summon spell and were set to recovery mode after. Eddy's personality is crazy, wild, and dumbfounded like Toumeya. Eddy is the one with the swirly, curvy head.


A soft-spoken polite Lemurian man who has saved Weyard in the past alongside Ethan's father, and Miyuki and Skye's parents when they were Teenagers. Like all Lemurians, Piers' has lived a long life and his actual age is unknown, so his young appearance may deceive anyone who just met him. Piers acts as an agent to KING HYDROS in diplomatic matters and resolve in bringing back the secluded island back to its former glory. Piers also holds a special bond with Toumeya, having seen her grown up the last few decades in Lemuria, so the two share more of a older Brother/younger sister relationship.

IMPRISONED: Prior to giving Miyuki and crew his ship to sail in their adventure in EPISODE 1, Piers went off to Lemuria to convince the King to grant Toumeya her freedom and from being a science experiment. He approached the King Hydros and granted her freedom. Shortly after King Hydros was found dead on his throne and the Lemurian scientist Conservato succeeded him. Conservato was still obsessed with finding Toumeya and using her for an experiment to tap into her locked powers since they were able to successfully to destroy the powerful Magi Crystals. He imprisoned Piers for assisting in Toumeya escaping from Lemuria and made him rot in jail for about 8 years in Lemuria (About 2 and a half years in the outer world). Piers still never gave up hope hoping that Toumeya wouldn't be captured again, but unfortunately it came to Toumeya risking her life and died in Piers' arms after he escaped from jail.

Unknown Characters


Age: Unknown
Occupation: Spirit Entity
First Appearence: GSG E1 Page 033
AND GSG E3 Page 052

GSG EPISODE 1: This entity has no name and is composed of Toumeya's inner Powers. To restore her appearance, Toumeya had to be stripped of her powers for a short time. Her powers were transferred to several blue Magi-Crystals, but a strange reaction happened which caused Toumeya's powers to be amplified instead of being at rest. The amplified powers were immediately increasing and manifested themselves into a scary entity until they were finally resealed into Toumeya's armbands where she could never use them again.

Gaining Power: What everyone else didn't know was that Toumeya's powers kept on increasing even inside Toumeya's armbands. Her powers were able to develop human feelings on their own and created a persona and identity. This persona is not to be confused with Toumeya's brain condition and her double personality Mey. Her powers then identified itself and named itself "Marina" after Toumeya's middle name. Her powers were quickly learning human emotions and feelings including speech and observing what Toumeya went through during the time she was on her adventure with Miyuki and company. Toumeya was secretly depressed because she no longer could use her old powers anymore and felt useless to the party, but never openly opened up to her friends. "Marina" sensed these feelings and started developing emotions of regret and anger.

GSG EPISODE 3: "Marina" continued to observe and monitor Toumeya up until Toumeya was captured by Conservato. When Toumeya shattered her armbands hoping to prevent Conservato from gaining her powers, Toumeya ended her life because the strain of releasing her powers were too much for her small body to handle. What she didn't know was that "Marina" was able to develop a sense of what was happening and stepped in and transferred Toumeya's soul from her body into a spirit soul ghost saving her. "Marina" bended time and space and created a subconscious domain over Lemuria where the two finally reunited. Toumeya was also freed of her double personality curse since she no longer had a brain to function with. "Marina" reappeared to Toumeya and changed its form to an older naked version of Toumeya to ease her mind. At that time "Marina's" powers were extremely powerful and do not even know the limits of what she could do. One thing "Marina" was aware of was that she felt the new emotions of sadness and anger that these people did this to her host, so in turn she gave Toumeya the decision to choose whether or not to finally die or return to the land of the living where she surely would be hurt again. Toumeya, whose spirit is too tired from being extracted from her body decides to hold off and rest until she can finally make a decision for her future.

"Mistress Shiva":

Age: Unknown
Weapon: Entire Body
Class: Spiritual Deity
Origin: Final Fantasy X

A very mysterious humanoid woman who came from another realm to take part in this competition. Little is known about her except that her home world is thought up of being composed of people similar to her, looking less human but are gifted with elemental powers just like the adepts in Weyard. Her reason for fighting is to get away from the harsh reality of losing her two children so she fights and works on her Ice spells and fights in their honor. She is seen hanging around memorials praying to the people lost in Weyard. A very melancholy and depressed individual.

She fought in the first round against a Fan Favorite Rubedo Kukai and beat him handily much to the dismay of his fangirls who took out their frustration on poor Ethan and formed an angry mob to beat him up. Shiva fights using ice magic and can materialize ice around her and uses ice projectiles to fight. Her primary weapon is using her arm and crystallizes it into a blade for close combat fighting. She wins handily and moves onto the second round.

Other People

Maria Traydor:

Age: 19 Years Old
R1 OPPONENT: Perky Thief Rikku (CHAPTER SIX)
Nickname: Gravity Bullet
Weapon: Pulse Needle [GUN]
Attacks: Aiming Device, Energy Burst, Crescent Locus
Origin: Star Ocean: Till The End Of Time

A very intelligent young woman from another world. She hails from a futuristic world where she had her share of adventures and merely competes for the sport aspect of these tournaments. A bit insensitive but her will and determination is very strong and made her better as a person. Along with her Colosso run, is her boyfriend Fayt who has entered the same competition. She fights with a laser gun capable of many energy attacks. Her fight in Colosso was surprising, well to her at least and she gets pitted up against an easy opponent who held her own for the first half of the battle. Against thief Rikku, Maria unleashes her strong Energy burst attack from her gun and triggers it on Rikku's bombs causing them to ignite and explode dealing a lot of damage to Rikku. Maria moves onto the second round, yet her boyfriend Fayt doesn't. Its good to mention that this fighters true potential won't be seen until the second round.


Age: 22
Occupation: Receptionist
First Appearance: GSG E3 Page 064

A happy go lucky girl who works in the Colosso receptionist area and registers fighters for the trials in the competition. She also administers the "Mental" test requirement to willing fighters as a first step and gets them ready.
In the story, Amelia hands Ethan about 31 forms of paperwork to fill out as a "Test" before he loses his mind trying to fill everything out on there. Ethan miraculously DID finish them but instead went insane after finding out from Amelia that they didn't want the forms and he only needed to fill out one last form in order to register for preliminary rounds.
Amelia did the same to Miyuki, Skye, and Tasha as they pass the mental round if not coming home with bruised hands and bruised egos. Amelia's favorite hobbies are gardening and caring for her two dogs.


Age: 57
Occupation: Photographer
First Appearance: GSG E3 Page 080

A veteran photographer who works as the official photographer for the Colosso Tournament. He is the one who takes pictures of the fighters so that they are set up in bracket announcements and other functions. His 23rd year of professional photography, he took the photos of this years competitors.
In the story, Ethan was the last person to get his picture taken. Ethan arrived and got Harold to take the picture. But, through some miracle, Ethan wasn't able to get his picture right again and the photo screwed up when the official announcement brackets were shown and Ethan was the laughingstock of the entire town and Tournament due to his messed up picture.
Extremely pissed, Ethan went for Harold's head and went after him demanding he retake his picture. Harold turned chicken and ran out the emergency exit with Ethan chasing him. It's unknown if Ethan caught up to Harold or what he did to him, nor is it unknown if Harold ever returned to the stadium after that mix-up. Harold lives with his wife, and one daughter.


Age: Looks 89 Years old
Occupation: Scientist
First Appearance: GSG E1 Page 029 AND GSG E3 Page 045

Old Lemurian Scientist who works under the King of Lemuria. Conservato is obsessed with his research and science. His aggressive attitude and obsession with Magi-crystals have caused him to get on a few of his followers nerves. His first appearance was in the Golden Sun games where he was very opposed to Felix and his party's mission to light the four elemental lighthouses based on the data that said the world could be destroyed if that happened. He was highly opposed to them carrying out their mission, but did it anyway and his hypothesis was wrong, as the world was instead saved.

GSG EPISODE 1: In the first Before The Storm Episode, Conservato assisted in performing Toumeya's Ceremony to restore her body to what it originally was, a 14 year old teenager. Toumeya's powers had to be sapped clean from her body and were held in several magic Crystals. What they didn't know was that Toumeya's powers acted on their own and immensely grew in power that it shattered the "indestructible" crystals. Conservato's attention quickly turned to Toumeya as he lusted to have her as a specimen and do dangerous research on her and find a way to duplicate the impact of destroying magi-crystals and extracting their power.
GSG EPISODE 3: Conservato had a hand in the Lemurian Kings death, that he became the King in his place. He jailed Piers for over nine years in Lemuria's unstable time atmosphere and led Lemuria to financial ruins. He tricked Toumeya and tracked her down so that he can extract her powers in a new ceremony. Believing he succeeded, he was wrong as Toumeya shattered her armband crystal releasing its immense power which killed Conservato ending his tyranny and unfortunately ending Toumeya's life as well.


Age: 76 Years old
Occupation: Magi-Crystal Weapons Seller
First Appearance: GSG E3 Page 068 AND GSG E3 Page 209

An old woman who sells Magi-Crystal enhancer crystals for the COLOSSO tournament. She's one of many vendors who position their businesses on the bridge leading to the Tolbi Coliseum. Her crystals allow the fighter to enhance their magical output or grant the wearer new spells to learn. something for non magic users to use for easily becoming mages when they can. Earlier Ethan bought an enhancer crystal from her to use to boost his magic repertoire and impress Tasha, but hasn't gotten around to using it yet during his matches. After Miyuki's intimidating and frustrating battle against CERBERUS, Miyuki's skills are mocked and as a last resort goes out to Greta to buy an enhancer crystal after she refused the first time. After obtaining one, she infuses its power within her, feeling alot more stronger, but having the side effects of turning her fire green and having an obvious green glow in her blue eyes.

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