- Opponents that have been defeated in COLOSSO that aren't Minor Characters -


Age: Unknown
R1 OPPONENT: Tasha Minigan
Weapon: Blood Scylla [SCYTHE]
Class: Blood Reaper
Origin: Character by LovingPandoraes

The reigning Colosso Champion for three years straight. Kosera came from another world, but took up residence in Weyard for the sheer thrill of fighting. A masochistic personality, Kosera is a very aggressive and bloodthirsty fighter with very high attack stats and is capable to make opponents bleed. Kosera craves blood but is unhappy at how the Tolbi Coliseum rules prevent deaths from occurring thanks to the Coliseum's mages preventing serious injuries from being more serious. Kosera craves blood and will do her best to lay the hurt on people just to taste the soul of her opponents. Despite being powerful, her fatal flaw is taking a direct magic hit as she is not gifted in the magic arts and that serves as her weakness. In her battle against Tasha, she deployed flirtatious and playful tactics against her which seemed to work for the first half of the battle psyching out Tasha. After the two exchanged ultimate attacks, both were knocked unconscious and eventually Tasha arose and won the match by default. Afterward Kosera's feelings for Tasha were indeed pure much to the shock of everyone and she still lusts for Tasha afterward in which Tasha had to be rescued from her new "friend".

Lucia "Cerberus" Hart:

Age: 23 Years Old
R1 OPPONENT: Miyuki Gordon
Weapon: Snake-Charmer [GUN]
Class: Summoner/Gun Mage
Origin: Character by Hopeless-Beakdown

Another Summoner just like her friend Alexis White except more skilled and wields combat experience on her side. Nicknamed Cerberus and sticks by that name in battle. A battle veteran who fights merely for the sport and thrill of it. She has a very calculating and scrutinizing mind and has a way of pressuring her opponents by analyzing every aspect of her opponents style and compares to how effective it will be to damaging her. She fights with a gun but uses it merely for her summoning practices but she isn't afraid to use it. The Summons she uses in battle are mostly fire-based, and she can also harness help from summons from Weyard. Her partner is the fox kit O-Two who can help out in battle too but prefers to explore on his own.

She put the pressure on her opponent Miyuki by pointing out her flaws in battle and thus this gets to Miyuki who was being a pawn in Cerberus' strategy. She employs an ingenious plan to win the match by strengthening herself, employing a regeneration healing, and then letting her prized summon do the fighting: SAKURA OF TEN THOUSAND FLAMES! All those bonuses that went to Lucia go directly to her fighter. She put up an intense fight against Miyuki which was very one sided, but with her emotions being unstable again, Miyuki pulls out her trump card and transforms into the PHOENIX again and easily dispatches Sakura and goes straight for Lucia ending her run in the tournament. Defeated, Lucia still chides Miyuki on having no proper battle strategy and that her skills are still very predictable and useless. Miyuki, taking it to heart, goes off to train harder while Lucia heads back to her own home World.

Rubedo "Crimson Gun" Kukai:

Age: 27 Years Old
R1 OPPONENT: Mistress Shiva
Weapon: BloodM9 [GUN]
Attacks: Mystic Nocturne, Storm Waltz, Red Dragon
Class: URTV
Origin: Xenosaga Series

A cocky, loud mouthed fighter capable of dealing damage thanks to his token guns and smart-aleck attitude. Coming from another world, his popularity is through the roof which caused die hard fans from his world to follow him on an obsessive basis just to see their hero in action. Many of these fans are crazed fangirls who are obsessed with the man. Its not surprising to see a part of the stadium dedicated to Red's fans. Despite his fandom, he is a strong fighter who can lay the hurt on opponents with his various techniques. his first round battle against Shiva didn't live up to the hype that it originally would and the support of over three thousand fans didn't help much. He was dispatched by Shiva, getting his bullets frozen and wasn't able to pull off his ultimate attack in time as he got hacked and slashed by her Ice crystal sword and thus falling in defeat. Lots of his fans in that arena spelled rigged in disgust and all took their anger on one poor Ethan who had to belittle him. Ethan survived though.


Age: 19 Years Old
R1 OPPONENT: Maria Traydor
Weapon: Twin Daggers, Various Bombs
Class: Thief/Alchemist
Origin: Final Fantasy X

A very perky girl who has finally been granted freedom to transcend worlds. Not taken very seriously, she is a big goofball and likes to have fun and play around. On the battlefield, she has a mixed bag of tricks. She can fight with her twin daggers or mix together various items for explosive effects like an Alchemist does or use thief techniques on her opponents. Despite all that, she is a mediocre fighter and is liked for her personality rather than her fighting skills. She lasted a good while in her first battle but was quickly dispatched by Maria who triggered her bombs to go off and explode right in front of her. After the end of the battle, she mentioned that she is on heavy medications. Take that however you will.....

Mary Magdeline:

Age: Unknown
R1 OPPONENT: Kazuma Takahashi
Weapon: R-Scythe [SCYTHE]
Origin: Xenosaga Series

No relation to the Biblical figure. Mary is a woman whose only mission is searching for her partner across, space, time, and other worlds. She doesn't care much for fighting, only to be reunited again with her lover. She has limited fighting experience but a unique trait of her is that she can mimic her opponents fighting style to the point of being evenly matched. That along with possessing very high endurance and stamina makes her a tough opponent to K.O. Her other trademark abilities are various slashing attacks with her Scythe called Pain of Order or Pain of Chaos. You know she utilized these attacks based on the sudden color change of her eyes: red for Pain of Order and emerald green for Pain of Chaos. Her battle lasted long enough for tournament standards against Takahashi and the two were still evenly matched two hours in. Seeing that the battle wasn't going to go anywhere, she awards Kazuma the win and surrenders peacefully and goes off to continue on for her search of her lover.

Fayt Leingod:

Age: 20 Years Old
Weapon: Levantine [SWORD]
Attacks: Side Kick, Dimension Door, Erethal Blast
Origin: Star Ocean: Till The End Of Time

An easygoing kid from a futuristic world, he is obsessed with various fighting games. He took his girlfriend Maria's advice and joined her to compete in this tournament. His repertoire of attacks come in the form of Holy and Demon based attacks as well as the tradition swordplay.

His battle was also fierce and evenly matched against Nerin but after having his ultimate attack absorbed by the android and having it used against him, he relinquishes defeat at the hands of Nerin and has to see only his girlfriend Maria move on instead of both of them.

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